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On any railway, buildings are important, what is going to be included and were they are going to be located. Once the number and size of the buildings had been decided, the method of construction then had to be finalised. I decided to use the foam board laminated with card. This is about 5mm thick, comes in manageable sheets and is available at most good art shops at a very reasonable price. The buildings were sized and then cut-out using a very shape knife and a steel rule. Windows and doors were purchased from Invertrain and these were of the resin verity.  Using prototype drawings and photos the doors and windows were positioned. The buildings are all freelance and bare no relation to any buildings, although aspects were used. The sides were glued together using PVA glue which gave a very strong bond. Be careful which glue is used as the foam melts quite easily. The door and window frames were lined with Evergreen Styrene stuck with PVA glue before the windows are installed. Any areas of relief, i.e. the plinths around the base of the station building, were crated by sticking on strips of mounting card.