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Having had some experience of building baseboards for model railways in the past, I decided upon my current system and have probably over engineered it to withstand some punishment.

The basic frame is made from 45mm x 45mm PAR with cross braces and 12mm MDF fixed on the top.The frame is glued and screwed, to stop it twisting, the MDF is just screwed to the frame. This makes a very sound surface for gluing the track and scenery to.

Areas that needed to be below track level, i.e. the loco inspection pit were drilled and out prior to any track being laid.The front and back scenic boards are made out of 6mm MDF cut to the required shape and screwed to the frame. Bearing in mind that if we ever moved house, the layout had to come with us so I decided on the over construction method after looking at many of the different styles of construction that people have used in building their model railways.

Layout Construction