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The initial step was to decide the overall size of  the layout. This was governed by the room size and, bearing in mind that it had to come out of the door if we ever moved. There was no thought then of  exhibiting it at any shows, far from it. After the overall size was determined, C&L 7mm 32mm track and point templates were obtained and used.

A kind word with the senior partner (THE WIFE) and the lounge floor was used to lay the templates out to determine the overall configuration, and how the layout would function. After much moving around, a final track plan was decided. Where point work was needed the templates were stuck together to get the alignment correct.

The baseboards were constructed and put in place, now was the time to see if it worked in situ. I had already made some wagons so I investigated how the layout would operate with ‘dummy’ trains. It all seemed to make sense paper templates were used for the buildings and to get some idea of the spatial concepts.


More advanced track laying and part of the station platform



The beginning of track laying

Schematic of the complete railway - Click on image for a larger picture.