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This is my first ever kit built locomotive of any gauge. It was made from a 'Home of O Gauge' Mega etched Brass kit bought some 3 years ago. In assembling this locomotive I found that a considerable amount of engineering had to be done to make the parts fit and to get it running well. The drawings for this locomotive are some 18 years old and the kit only cost £99.

2-6-2T Prairie Tank 44XX.

0-6-0 Dean Goods.

Wickhams Trolley 4B - Just for fun!!. This is a scratch built model of a Wickhams Trolley that was used on the Fairford Branch around the late 50’s early 60’s. Runs the daily track inspection trips before the layout operates and also during the daily traffic operation.

My next venture into Locomotive kit building, the Dean Goods 23xx class. This is a Scorpio Models etched Brass kit with a Churchward 3000gals tender.

0-4-2 48XX

Wickhams Trolley 4B

Motive Power