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The railway is still in the throws of being built with many months of work ahead, are model railways ever finished! I have lots of ideas on what to include to make the railway more interesting. More than anything on the sound front was to replicate the communication that existed between the Signal Box and the loco. Sounding the whistle when the points are clear, sounding the whistle when signals have changed and when the guard gives the all clear to depart. A vital part of operating a railway.

I spent some time researching on the Internet what was on the market to provide a realistic sound system. After many hours I settled on Mr. Rails and their !ATCMK1 Chuffer”  system for the ‘chuff chuff’ and their WUK008 whistle unit.

At first there was no thought of providing lights behind the signal specticals, however, after a visit to the West Sussex O Gauge exhibition, I changed my mind, they added so much to the ambience of the railway and  I set to and fitted lights in each signal. I used 1.8mm ‘grain of rice’ lamps inserted into a hole drilled in the middle of the lamp. The wires were run down the most inconspicuous side of the signal post and stuck with superglue. They all but disappeared once the post was painted. These lamps were all supplied by a 7.5 volt cannibalised ‘plug’ type power supply. I did consider LEDs but the main problem I could see was fixing the wires and running them around the buildings. Perhaps this is an area I need to develop. Also grain of rice lamps give a softer colour.

Sound and Light.